Summer camps

Day Camp is to help parents that are looking for another type of camp related to sports. We have three (3) Types of Camps! Preschool Camp for ages 2 1/2 to 4, Gymnastics Camp has a more of a sport set up for Gymnastics training in half day or full day setting. Summer Camp, is a regular Summer Camp which still include Gymnastics, but all camps have some Reading, Arts & Crafts, Motor Skills, Outdoor Games, Indoor Games, Movies & Quiet/Rest Time with Friday Field Trips! Come in for More Info or Schedules..

​​​​​​​​​​​​milford warriors football and cheer

Partnership with this Youth Organization for 2019 Fall Season. 

More Info & Online Registration at: 

triple E Show Case! June 1st 2019

On this day, all programs offered in the Gym perform to show off what they have learned all year long. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place Medals are giving out to the best in: Vault, Beam, Bars & floor of each Level per session. A Day Full of Fun! More Info Coming Soon!!



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Let an instructor host your child’s birthday party (stress free for you!) Gym parties consist of location with 45 minutes of gymnastics activities with an instructor.

​​​​​​​​​​​​iN-hOME cHILD CARE

Our goal is to provide a safe and happy place for children where they can learn and grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially at their own pace. We believe children learn through play and benefit from a structured yet flexible schedule. Activities will be offered which stimulate sensory motor development, language development and social interaction. Call for more Info.

Parents night out

WE offer Mom and Dad a night off and come have a blast here at TEK. Bring a friend or make a new Friend while you enjoy a high energy evening of activities and fun. Hours are 7pm-12am. Cost is $30.00 per child (DinnerIncluded!) Ages 4 & up                Text ahead to sign Up  
Day of Choice: 
May 31st, June 14th, 28th & July 12th, 26stpm-12pm

  • Gymnastics
  • Triple E Showcase!
  • Parents Night Out..
  • ​Football/cheer


We offer a comprehensive, well-planned, progressive gymnastics program for students at all levels. As our students attempt new challenges each class, we pride ourselves in helping them develop a stronger and more positive belief in themselves. Beginning through advanced levels of instructional gymnastics. We offer Bring a friend day! 


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