GYMNASTICS, CHEER &                      DANCE CLINICS
Several times throughout the year (various summer weeks and also during holiday and spring break weeks) we offer special gymnastics/tumbling, cheer & dance clinics. Check our website or Facebook page for upcoming activities and additional information. 

                     GYMNASTICS SUMMER CAMP:
Come Join our Day Olympics in the Summer. Fun, Fun & More Fun - 

  • Reading​
  • Creative Curriculum
  • Games
  • Motor Skills
  • Indoor Games
  • Outdoor Games
  • Movies​

Obstucial courses

Floor, Bar, Beam and Vaulting with perfection. 

More Stubility, Confindence, and Mobility.


This popular hobby has won its rights to being called a sport.
We have born to compete staff that will focus on the girls motor abilities to learn and grow as a team.We Provide a safe and positive environment for individu­als to develop
themselves physically, mentally, emotion­ally, and morally through cheerleading.


We offer a comprehensive, well-planned, progressive gymnastics program for students at all levels. Each of our instructors shares a deep love for children. As our students attempt new challenges each class, we pride ourselves in helping them develop a stronger and more positive belief in themselves. Beginning through advanced levels of instructional here.

TUTORING:(Pick Ups Offered)
By providing this special service, we push the youth to the next level. We offer
Homework Assistance, Tutoring, Counseling, and Mentoring with Fun.

We have designed a class JUST FOR TUMBLING! To ensure safe and progressive teaching, skills (including but not limited to the following; rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, kick overs, walkovers, handsprings & tucks) will be taught in a progressive

Let an instructor host your child’s birthday party (stress free for you!) Gym parties consist of location with 45 minutes of gymnastics activities with an instructor.

            PARENTS NIGHT OUT:
Once a month WE offer Mom and Dad a night off and come have a blast here at TE. Bring a friend or make a new
Friend while you enjoy a high energy evening of activities and fun. Hours are 8pm-12am. Cost is $25.00 per child (pizza dinner/drinks are included!)

ADULT PARTIES - Contractual bases, with/without a DJ included & Security Needed.
HOST SEMINARS, MEETINGS or RENT SPACE. Call for more Information.



We carefully schedule classes in order to accommodate the needs of students desiring to have a well-rounded curriculum. Our schedule is designed to enable students to choose several classes in a row or to spread their classes out over the week. All Types!Modern & Pre-Ballet, Tap, Pointe, Hip Hop & JAZZ.

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